Hourly Rates Effective as of January 2019

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The Chief Instructor has over 36 years of experience providing training to Law Enforcement Agencies and the general public, having received certification from the National Rifle Association and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services with high honors.  An avid shooter who has competed successfully for many years, he strives to teach everyone the mastery of his skill.

Phase I and Phase II course fees will be $ 65 each, hearing and eye protection are required for the range exercise and are available for sale if needed. (Glasses are $5 and Ear Muffs are $12).Unfortunately ammunition is not available therefore you must supply your own.. 


Hearing and eye protection are required for any range exercises. They available for sale if needed.(Glasses are $5 and Ear Muffs are $12).


Firearms Novelity, LLC*

*Firearms Novelty is copyrighted, "Firearms Novelity" is used instead.

PERSONAL instruction:

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

$50.00 (Two Hour Minimum)



Firearms Novelity, LLC is a private and independent entity and is not affiliated with any other organization.  The instruction we offer is done as an independent public service with no assumption of liability (including injury and/or damage to person or property).  Participants agreeing to use our services do so assuming all responsibility and hold Firearms Novelity, LLC and its instructors harmless.

It is your responsibility as a law abiding citizen to know the laws and codes regulating firearms usage and carry authority in your state, city and county, and any state that you carry in.  Firearms Novelity, LLC and its affiliates do not provide legal service nor are they a legal representative.  You need to consult an attorney who specializes in firearms cases for any legal advice pertaining to firearms.

The Basics Pistol Shooting Course has been redesigned and is a two (2) part program. It provides instruction to students on the action types of pistols and includes loading, unloading, safety handling, fundamentals, parts, ammunitions, shooting positions, malfunction indications and more. There is a range period included in this course after the classroom phase. You Must register through training at nra.orgfor the program. These are Instructor Lead Programs, not e-learning programs. All of the course is conducted by the Instructor to provide a better learning environment.

 You must register via NRA.org -- type in zip code and our classes are listed..

Pistol Orientation Courseis designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific pistol action typefor classes of four or fewer students. The course is $45 per person and is three hours long and can include range time for an extra fee of $25.  Students are required to bring the handgun they want to learn on or if they do not own one then one can be provided in the action type they are interested in, additional fees will apply however if use one of our handguns.

This course , with or without the range exercise, meets Virginia requirements for Concealed Carry Permit AND Florida requirements for Non-Resident Concealed Carry License. THIS IS NOT AN NRA CLASS !!!!

email firearmsnovelity@gmail.com if interested in attending a class, dates will be announced via Facebook page.

Concealed Carry Course is a 3.5 hour course without any Range time that meets the Virginia requirements for a Concealed Carry Permit. Cost is $45 per person.   


Dates are announced on Facebook Page of Firearms Novelity, LLC.

Email firearmsnovelity@gmail.com if interested in attending a class..